No comments Opinions are optional

This blog does not offer a commenting form. That is intentional. Though, I'm not against useful feedback and constructive criticism.

If you do have something to say, pause first and give it some thought.

Should you decide to proceed, send me a tweet or consider making a pull request on my content if you have something valuable to add. Your contributions will be rightly recognized and I will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Why no comments?

I find commenting systems to be painful to moderate, a drag on my time, energy and mental resources. Most comments I encounter on the web are off-topic, congratulatory (flattering, though essentially useless to others), spam or lazy gibberish.

The occasional golden nuggets of insight get drowned under all this cruft. This insight should be promoted into the article for the benefit of all future readers.

Commenting forms are not built for debate and they are certainly not built for collaboration. That's why I favor using GitHub to create, maintain and publish my content.

If you have knowledge to add, I welcome your contributions.

But how do I thank you?

Think happy thoughts and do something nice for someone else. I'll know.

This website does not track you.