About me

As a free-range web developer at Adobe, I get a lot of flexibility to work on various cutting-edge tools and web technologies. I thrive in environments where I have the autonomy to explore, learn and pick the right solutions.

What I do

I enjoy working with JavaScript, HTML and CSS to build effective solutions to real problems. While I prefer client-side web development, I will not shy away from meddling on the server-side.

Follow me on Twitter @razvancaliman if you want to know what grabs my attention from time to time.


I work with a bunch of smart people at Adobe on the Web Platform team, teaching CSS new tricks. We're building CSS Regions, CSS Shapes and Exclusions, CSS Shaders and more. Keep an eye on our work at html.adobe.com

I put myself through some pain so you don't have to. I often work with not-quite-done-yet technology in order to uncover bugs and workflows that can be improved. I build JavaScript prototypes to quickly validate ideas and I provide feedback and use cases for web standards proposals.

Curious by nature

I break a lot of things to understand what makes them tick. That's how I learn best.

I have an attitude towards reducing needless complexity and I believe elegant simple solutions work best in solving real problems.

Me, elsewhere on the web

Away from the computer, I enjoy watching documentaries, cooking and driving on long road trips.

Have fun!

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